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Drs Theo & Beverley Wolmarans

Our Pastors



Founded in September 1979 by Senior Pastor Dr Theo Wolmarans and his wife Beverley, Christian Family Church International Johannesburg is one of the largest churches of its kind in Southern Africa.
Dr Theo is an anointed teacher who presents the Word of God with complete clarity and simplicity, bringing understanding to every heart and mind while simultaneously captivating the audience with his bold, dynamic style.
As a leading international minister and a member of the board of Dr David Yongi Cho’s Church Growth International, Dr Theo is a much sought-after speaker for churches throughout the world. Through his apostolic calling, he is responsible for the formation of many churches throughout Africa and various parts of the world, including the United States.​

Dr Theo and Beverley, along with more than 500 Christian Family Church associates birthed out of this ministry, also have a memorandum of association with the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa, founded by John G. Lake. This association now has more than 1,400 churches.
Some time ago the Lord led Drs Theo and Beverley to found another church in America, and after many years of prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit, Christian Family Church San Antonio was birthed. In just a few short years, more than 2000 people call Christian Family Church San Antonio their home church. The congregation has already experienced many signs and wonders through the couple’s ministry.
Drs Theo and Beverley reside in San Antonio, Texas, although they periodically travel to South Africa to look after the church in Johannesburg. Dr Theo also provides apostolic oversight to the more than 500 Christian Family Churches & over 50 Bible Colleges worldwide, along with many missionaries, evangelists, and traveling Bible teachers who have all been birthed out of the Christian Family Church network.
Dr Theo believes deeply in spending much time in prayer and God’s Word. The most important thing in his life is to know the will of God in all his decisions.



Together with her husband Theo, Pastor Beverley co-founded Christian Family Church International in September 1979. She has worked tirelessly alongside Pastor Theo in building this dynamic ministry.
As an anointed preacher and exhorter, Pastor Beverley is a very popular speaker. She shares life lessons she has learned as a mother and a wife, and she does it with a practical, down-to-earth approach sharing from her heart. She uses her own experiences with both humour and boldness, but always with an underlying message of hope and encouragement. Her desire is to see women set free and be everything God planned and designed them to be. However, teaching on prayer and encouraging people to pray is her passion. She loves to pray for the sick and the oppressed and see signs and miracles following.
A former student of Christ for the Nations, she has a heart to see orphans taken care of around the world, but especially in Africa, where the need is greatest. She visits orphanages whenever she can, with a heart filled with love and compassion and arms filled with gifts and goodies for children and their caregivers.
Pastors Theo and Beverley Wolmarans have two daughters, Natalie and Candace. Candace is married to Travis Barnes, Natalie is married to Lance Key, and both live in San Antonio.

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